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Health Feature: Kids and Concussions

Kids and ConcussionsHeads Up: Kids and Concussions

“The word concussion comes from the Latin word to shake violently. It’s a force that causes a temporary injury to the brain or spinal cord,” says Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Sharief Taraman. “A lot of times, people may hit their head and don’t realize it was a concussion.”

The majority of concussions resolve themselves and heal relatively well.  After being diagnosed, parents should follow the  guidelines advised by their doctor. Read on to learn more about concussions, how to identify the signs and symptoms and when to seek emergency care.

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Concussion Tip Sheet

Signs and symptoms of a concussion can range from mild to severe. The vast majority of concussion patients return to normal if they are treated early and aggressively. View this tip sheet for more information about concussions, how to identify the signs and symptoms and when to seek emergency care.

Dr. Sharief Taraman

Dr. Taraman is a pediatric neurologist and assistant professor at University of California, Irvine. He specializes in concussion management. Dr. Taraman’s philosophy of care: “I love pediatrics. My daughter was born my first day of medical school. I try to help parents understand the balance of the risks and benefits of participating in sports.”

CHOC Concussion Program

At CHOC Children’s, we offer clinical expertise in identifying and treating sports injuries in children and teens. Newer guidelines show that kids and adolescents should be managed much more conservatively than adults when it comes to concussion, so a children's hospital is where young athletes are best treated.

Dr. Sharief Taraman on Angels AM830

Travis Rodgers, host of the Angels AM830 morning radio show “The Travis Rodgers Show” broadcast live from Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children’s during “CHOC Week”. In this interview, Travis speaks with CHOC Children’s Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Sharief Taraman about concussions in sports, their long term effects, and how children are particularly vulnerable to serious injury.