20 Reasons to Walk for CHOC

1.  It’s the 20th Anniversary of the CHOC Walk in the Park, presented by the Disneyland Resort!

2.  On October 17th, a crowd over 15,000 Walkers will be strolling with YOU down Main Street, U.S.A.

3.  Watching the sunrise at Disneyland is amazing.

4.  This CHOC patient:

5.  It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year—bringing over $1.6 million to CHOC Children’s last year.

6.  Walking through the Disneyland Resort before it’s officially open is cool.

7.  This bear:

8.  You never know which Disney friends you’ll see there, cheering you on. Alice at the Mad Tea Party…Cinderella on King Arthur’s Carrousel…

9.   Meet some great VoluntEARS.

10.  This mouse:

11.  Get inspired by our amazing patients and their families.

12.  This little girl:

13.  This team:

14.  And this team:

15.  Our patients here at CHOC Children’s Hospital:

16.  Our new patient-care tower:

17.  Supporting cool technology that makes for safer medicine.

18.  You are sure to meet some pretty funny characters:

19.  Research that advances cares and cures.

20.  We’re making giant strides for tiny toes:

Want to learn more about the 2010 CHOC Walk? Click here.

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