Add Fun, Active Gifts to your Holiday List

Get the teens in your life moving this holiday season and in the New Year by giving them fun, active gifts.  CHOC pediatricians remind parents – and teen patients – that physical activity is good for the body and mind!  Here are a few gift ideas to encourage the adolescents in your life to avoid too much time on the couch:

• Introduce a new activity, like tennis, with a gift certificate for a one-on-one lesson.
• Outfit your teens with athletic wear to provide additional inspiration.   If your tastes for style differ, how about a gift card to a local athletic store?
• Consider giving sports equipment, like racquets, balls or bikes, versus a video game about the sport.
• If your teen is hooked on video games, look for active ones, like Wii Sports for the Nintendo Wii and EyeToy: Kinetic for PlayStation 2.
• Give the adolescents on your holiday shopping list gift certificates to a local bowling alley, ice skating ring or yoga studio.

Getting teens to be active can be a challenge at times; hopefully, selecting the right gift this holiday season can encourage them to “get moving.”

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