Ask a CHOC Doc: How Important Is It To Finish An Entire Course of Antibiotics?

Question: Is it really that important for my child to finish their entire prescription of antibiotics?  -Anonymous


Yes! Even if your child is feeling better, they should still finish the full course of their prescription as directed by their doctor. Even if, for example, they feel better on day five and their prescription is for 10 days of antibiotics, they need to finish the entire course as prescribed because the bacterial infection might still be present. To really beat the bacterial infection, it is important for your child to finish their entire course. Stopping short could cause your child to get sick again. If your child is experiencing a side effect, contact your pharmacist or pediatrician for more information on how to manage the side effect, such as taking the medication with food to help ease an upset stomach. If your child is having a side effect that they can’t tolerate or an allergic reaction, contact your child’s doctor immediately.

If the pharmacy gave you a full bottle of a liquid antibiotic, you might still have medication left in the bottle. If this is the case, you should always properly dispose of old medicine. It is not a good idea to keep the medication in the refrigerator or cabinet for the next time your child gets sick. Medications expire and they might not work properly or may cause your child to have an unexpected side effect. There is also the possibility that someone might accidentally take the medication.

-Whitney Pittman, clinical pharmacy resident at CHOC Children’s

Whitney Pittman, clinical pharmacy resident at CHOC Children’s

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