Ask a CHOC Doc: How Can I Avoid Seasonal Asthma Triggers?


What are seasonal asthma triggers that I should be aware of? How can I avoid them, or treat symptoms of them? -Anonymous


While seasonal allergies occur typically in the spring and fall, and are difficult to avoid, it is important to avoid playing outside when pollen counts are high, such as after the grass is freshly cut. Again, the flu vaccine can reduce flu-related asthma symptoms in the fall and winter months. Keep in mind also that the avoidance of indoor allergens, such as house dust mites, by using pillow and mattress impermeable covers, can reduce the effect of outdoor allergens, and non-allergic triggers.

-Dr. Stanley Galant, pediatric allergist at CHOC and medical director of CHOC’s Breathmobile

Dr. Stanley Galant, a pediatric allergist at CHOC, specializing in asthma.
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