Ask a CHOC Doc: How Can I Help Manage My Child’s Asthma Year-Round?


How can I help manage my child’s asthma year-round? -Anonymous


In the CHOC Children’s Breathmobile program, we strongly emphasize the importance of taking measures to avoid potential indoor allergens such as house dust mites, cat and dog dander, cockroaches and mold. We also recommend avoiding non-allergic triggers such as environmental tobacco smoke, and high levels of air pollution. Respiratory viral infections such as influenza can also be a trigger, so getting the flu vaccine in the early fall is a must for all people who suffer from asthma.

Dr. Stanley Galant, a pediatric allergist at CHOC Children’s, specializing in asthma.

The appropriate use of medication also plays a major role in managing asthma. This includes the use of a medication such as albuterol for asthma symptom relief and for preventing exercise induced asthma if given 15 minutes beforehand. In patients with more ongoing chronic asthma symptoms or severe asthma exacerbations, referred to as persistent asthma, a preventive approach, which will require daily controller medication for months as determined by your provider, is necessary.

Dr. Stanley Galant, pediatric allergist at CHOC Children’s and medical director of CHOC’s Breathmobile

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