Better Eating Habits Start With Eating Together

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In recognition of National Nutrition Month, we want to make sure your family is off to a good start in developing healthy eating habits. Did you know that this can be as easy as eating dinner together as a family? And it doesn’t have to be every night, either, says CHOC Children’s pediatrician Mark Colon, M.D. Studies have shown benefits even when families sat down for dinner just a few nights a week.

Moreover, studies have shown that children whose families regularly eat dinner together are less likely to suffer from eating disorders.

Dr. Colon recommends that parents take advantage of the nightly opportunity to model healthy nutritional habits. “Dinnertime gives parents the opportunity to start teaching healthy eating habits from day one. Also, family meals allow more face-to-face time, which can lead to improved communication and family relationships,” he says. “Including a young child at the dinner table is an excellent way to introduce fruit, vegetables, salads and meats,” says Dr. Colon.

So, before you start planning dinner, remember that setting the table for the entire family may just be what your family needs to get a healthy boost.

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