By the Numbers: Blood and Donor Services

January is National Blood Donor month, but CHOC Children’s appreciates its blood donors all year long. After all, blood products are needed each and every day to help care for patients.

Let’s look at the numbers that drive Blood and Donor Services at CHOC:DSCF8506

365 – Days a year that blood is needed at CHOC

100 – Percent of blood donations at CHOC that help kids

10 – Average number of pints of blood in an adult body

2 – Lives saved by 1 pint of blood

65 – Percent of CHOC’s total blood needs met by donations

35 – Percent of CHOC’s total platelet needs met by donations

1 million – Dollars CHOC spends annually to purchase blood products

42 – Days that red cells last after donation

5 – Days that platelet products last after donation

200 – Average number of blood donations per month at CHOC

50 – Average number of platelet donations per month at CHOC

6 – Times per year that donors can give whole blood

45 – Minutes the blood donation process lasts at CHOC

3 – Cookie choices available to donors at CHOC

Have you given blood before? Donating at CHOC is fast and painless thanks to expert and efficient staff. Even better, your donation directly helps children served by CHOC.

The department is open Monday through Friday, and same-day appointments are often available. Call 714-509-8339 or email to schedule an appointment.

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