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What to Bring to the Pediatrician’s Office

Getting kids out the door on time is stressful, and even more so if you’re headed to the pediatrician’s office for a well or sick visit. To make the process easier, and help parents maximize their time, consider the following guidelines of what to bring with you:

  • Insurance card + identification
  • List of medications the child is taking
  • Paperwork or test results if your child has been seen anywhere else since your last visit, such as urgent care or the emergency department
  • School paperwork if your appointment is tied to a physical for school activities
  • Diapers, formula and other baby supplies such as a blanket and pacifier
  • A favorite stuffed animal that can be “examined” by the doctor if your child is nervous about the visit
  • A favorite book, game or tablet to keep your child occupied if there is a wait
  • List of questions you and your family may have

Parents are encouraged to try and make childcare arrangements for other children, especially during flu season. To avoid delaying potential testing, parents are not encouraged to give their child a snack or drink while waiting to be seen.

Download a copy of this checklist

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