Carter was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer but is now cancer free thanks to CHOC.

carterKara Kipp has been a member of the Glass Slipper Guild for the past nine years. She and her husband Matt are the proud parents of three amazing boys, Bennett, Carter and Davis.

On April 17, 2009 their son Carter, seemingly healthy 22-month old was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer called hepatoblastoma. Less than 48 hours after being diagnosed, Carter was checked into CHOC Children’s and the oncology floor became their reality. Carter’s road map of action entailed four rounds of chemotherapy, then resection surgery and liver transplant, followed by two more rounds of chemotherapy. Carter did remarkably well from his transplant and after four weeks of recovery, went into CHOC for his final two rounds of chemo. Carter is now having follow-up scans and blood work done, and everything looks great for Carter. Carter has been cancer-free for four years.

The nurses and doctors at CHOC became the Kipps extended family, and Carter still considers them his closest friends. Not having an opportunity to interact with other kids his age, he thinks it’s perfectly normal to have so many doctors and nurses as his buddies.

The Kipp Family is forever grateful for CHOC and their leadership in making their son cancer-free.

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