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Celebrating CHOC’s longest-serving blood and platelet donor

Ron Shepherd understands the importance of blood and platelet donations. Although he’s never needed a transfusion himself nor has he met any of his beneficiaries, he’s become CHOC most tenured donor.

Ron has been donating blood and platelets for 30 years and cites the family environment of CHOC’s blood bank – everyone knows his name and greets him with a smile – as one of the reasons he keeps coming back.

Throughout more than 180 visits to CHOC’s blood bank, he has donated more than 225 units of whole blood and platelets.

Whole blood is needed by patients of all ages for a variety of reasons – someone undergoing surgery or who has been involved in a car crash or other trauma, or a child fighting cancer are a few examples of those who benefit from blood donors.

Platelets are the component of your blood that help form clots and stop bleeding. Patients that have cancer, aplastic anemia and blood disorders especially benefit from platelets. Chemotherapy and radiation often times kills cancer and healthy cells and platelet transfusion greatly improve the outcome of our children.

Growing up, Ron’s parents were regular blood donors. This means that Ron understood from an early age that blood donations can have a big impact, and the process takes a relatively short amount of time. On one occasion, he even came in for a last-minute appointment on Thanksgiving Day for a child in need.

Ron’s advice to anyone considering becoming a blood donor is simple.

“The need is great, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Please call the Blood Donor Center at 714- 509-8339 to make an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating CHOC’s longest-serving blood and platelet donor”

  1. Like to know if anyone can beat my time as a donor.
    I still donate full blood donations, I started in December 1956 I am now 81 and have given 136 donations.

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