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CHOC Celebrates Child Life Week

The Cherese Mari Laulhere Child Life Department at CHOC strives to normalize the hospital environment for our patients and families. “Normalizing” the hospital experience is the process of making things like medical equipment and procedures feel less strange or foreign. By doing this, patients and their family members can feel more at ease while at the hospital and will be able to focus on what is most important: feeling better.

Patients, families and staff were treated to a week-long celebration of special activities and visitors. Take a look inside the specialized therapeutic programs that are just one part of this special area of CHOC.

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2 thoughts on “CHOC Celebrates Child Life Week”

  1. I was so surprised and pleased to see this video this morning about the ” CHERESE MARI LAULHERE CHILD LIFE DEPARTMENT ” , our beautiful beloved daughter ……..
    Thank you so much letting people know how Cherese’s Foundation continues to help children in so many ways . I think she would be so happy to know she is making a difference in this world, just as she always wanted to do . Thank you so much, Love, Chris and Larry

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