CHOC Doc Named One of OC’s Hot 25

CHOC Children’s critical care physician Jason Knight, MD, the medical director of CHOC Emergency Services Transport Team, was named one of Orange County’s hottest personalities by OC Metro.

Dr. Knight is responsible for the sickest, most fragile of patients. He constantly works to improve the critical endeavor of bringing newborns, children and teens via ambulance or helicopter from more than 90 hospitals across multiple counties to CHOC, and even helped to develop a new code 3 triage tool, which he presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics 2007 National Conference and Exhibition to affect change beyond Orange County.

Part of a new generation of medical professionals, Dr. Knight helps advance technologies that will transform traditional patient care and increase access to pediatric specialty services that are in scare supply. He is an advocate for robotic telemedicine and has a personal laptop that allows him to provide consults via a remote robot wherever he is. It’s not uncommon, for example, for young patients and parents in the emergency department at Hoag Hospital to see his face on a robot at that facility, which he maneuvers from his own laptop or a laptop in the CHOC ICU.  He’s able to quickly evaluate the patient and, when required, get the child access to the pediatric specialty care available only at a children’s hospital like CHOC.

Advancing pediatric medicine and enhancing the delivery of care through traditional and non-traditional vehicles (like a futuristic robot) are just a couple of reasons Dr. Jason Knight is one of OC’s hottest personalities.

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