CHOC Offers Safe Holiday Travel Tips

AAA predicts that 87.7 million Americans will hit the roads during the year-end holidays, the busiest travel period of the year.  Most of these are families traveling with cargo more precious than any holiday gifts – their children.  CHOC encourages drivers to follow these tips to help keep passengers safe on the roads this busy travel season.

• Get plenty of rest before you set off on your destination.
• The night before you leave, avoid alcohol or any medication that might impair your driving.
• If you are traveling a long distance, plan to have rest stops.  Young children can get anxious in the car.  A few stops along the way can allow them to release some anxious energy, while providing respite to the driver!
• Allow extra time for delays and traffic, so you are not tempted to speed.
• Pack snacks for yourself and your passengers.
• To avoid unnecessary spills, bring plastic cups with their own lids and straws.
• Bring plenty of “boredom busters” for kids.  Car-friendly games, puzzles, coloring books, small computer games, and portable CD players with headsets can keep little ones occupied. 
• And, be sure everyone is properly buckled up.

Wishing you safe travels!

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