CHOC Recommends Talking With Your Kids About Natural Disasters

As Japan continues to recover from an alarming, 9.0-magnitude earthquake last month, it faced yet another 7.1 aftershock today. While many adults in the U.S. may be wondering what the risks are to people here, children may also have their own concerns or fears.

CHOC Children’s recommends that you talk openly with your children about what they’ve heard and how they feel, and answer their questions honestly and in an age-appropriate manner. Assure them about their safety and let them know that your family and community have plans in place should a natural disaster like this ever happen.

In addition, teach your children easy tips for any emergency such as, how to call for help; when to use emergency numbers; who to contact if the family is separated; and where your disaster kit or supplies are stored.

For more tips recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, please click here:

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