How to Cope with Bedwetting

Bedwetting that continues beyond the age of 5 can impact a child’s self esteem and create a sense of isolation, according to Christopher Link, post-doctoral fellow in CHOC Pediatric Psychology Department. Chris recently sat down with CHOC Radio host Bryan Mundia to talk about what parents can do to help their children cope with bedwetting.

First, it’s important to see a physician to rule out any medical causes for bedwetting occurring in older children. After medical issues have been addressed, there are some things parents can do, including limiting their child’s fluid intake before bedtime, making sure their child goes to the bathroom before getting under the covers, and avoiding caffeine.

Chris says parents need to understand that bedwetting is not a child’s fault; it’s not intentional. Instead of punishing children, parents need to reassure their children that they will grow out of it. For more helpful tips on this subject, tune into the show.

Enjoy the show!

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