Easy, Healthy Breakfasts Kids Love To Grab And Go!

Can you serve last night’s pizza for breakfast? Sure! Breakfast is the most important meal of your child’s day, and we’ve got easy, tasty tips to tempt your pickiest eater.

Maybe your mom would never have done it, but it’s really okay to serve leftover pizza for breakfast. What’s important is that your child eats something nutritious before beginning the school day.

“There is no reason why you can’t have dinner foods for breakfast if that is what your child will eat,” says Caroline Steele, M.S., R.D., director of Clinical Nutrition and Lactaction Services at CHOC Children’s. “Eating every three to four hours keeps blood sugar steady, which helps a child’s ability to pay attention, concentrate and learn.”

If your kids aren’t hungry when first waking up, try these “grab and go” ideas for nutritious breakfasts that may be eaten in the car or at school before class begins:

  • Whole-grain granola bar and fruit
  • Peanut butter over apple slices
  • Sliced turkey rolled up with cheese
  • Yogurt with fruit and granola
  • Scrambled eggs and cheese in a tortilla
  • Oatmeal and fresh or dried fruit
  • Homemade fruit smoothie
  • Peanut butter and jelly on whole-wheat bread
  • Cottage cheese with fresh or dried fruit

Pack along some low-fat milk and you’re good to go!

School Meals Get Higher Marks
The nutritional quality of school meals has improved since the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. School meals now provide more fruits and vegetables, less sodium, leaner meats, reduced-fat dairy products and whole grains.

For more nutritious tips, please visit the Eat Right section on www.eatright.org.

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