Eat Healthy, Stay healthy – Quick Tips

The holiday season is in full swing and the CHOC Children’s Endocrine and Diabetes Center in Newport Beach reminds families to stay healthy!

The holidays expose families to:

  • more “treats”
  • more calories, carbs & fat
  • larger portions
  • less opportunity for exercise

Avoid excess weight gain by following these simple holiday tips:

  • Try to stay on your regular diet most of the time.
  • Limit portions of “high fat and high carbohydrate” holiday foods: try a small slice of pie, ½ cup of mashed potatoes and gravy, 1-2 Christmas cookies, or ½ cup of Egg Nog.
  • Eat more vegetables with meals and as snacks so you will eat less of the unhealthy” foods.
  • Take your own low fat & low carbohydrate dishes to family meals.
  • Avoid giving homemade goodies as holiday gifts to keep from excess sampling while baking.
  • Exercise more: try to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day during the holidays.

To learn more about the CHOC Children’s Endocrine & Diabetes Center or to schedule an appointment, please call (949) 631-2062.

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