Emergency Medicine: Then and Now

EDMy first stop after falling out of that tree 50 years ago was the emergency department. So, it’s been especially fun watching how emergency medicine has changed since 1964 – and, boy, has it.

CHOC Children’s has Orange County’s only emergency department that’s dedicated exclusively to the care of kids. The Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department at CHOC Children’s Hospital opened a year ago this month, and it’s much different from where I first received care all those years ago.

CHOC’s ED strives to be as ouchless as possible. Child Life specialists are on hand to help distract patients from pain and discomfort. They use gadgets like iPads, games, bubbles and more to make the trip easier.

Also, ED staff have techniques to help minimize pain from injections, blood draws and stitches. For example, they might use an ultrasound machine to find a patient’s vein before drawing blood. Numbing medication like lidocaine is also used o minimize pain before injections.

And even without pain, kids want their moms and dads nearby. CHOC understands this, and has ensured that its ED exam rooms are larger to accommodate multiple family members and strollers.


The Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department at CHOC Children’s Hospital is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of pediatric patients. The 22,000-square-foot, full-service emergency department is designed to meet the unique needs of children. Doctors, board-certified in emergency medicine, and specially trained nurses provide the very best patient- and family-centered care 24 hours, seven days a week.



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  1. This is a very good hospital. Also, this is my baby’s hospital. keep us informed with news about Autism.

    1. Thank you, Caroline. Keep checking the blogs for more posts about autism. It’s our privilege to care for your little one.

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