Encourage Your Kids To Stay Active This Summer

The summer Olympics have officially started! In the spirit of the Olympics, here are some helpful tips to help your kids to stay fit and active during the summer months.

1. Get going with goals. When we don’t have a plan, it’s easy to spend the summer moving from couch to computer, with regular stops at the fridge. Avoid this by aiming for a specific goal, such as volunteering, mastering a new skill, or working at a job.

2. Stick to a schedule. With school out, we lose our daily routines. If you don’t have a specific job or activity to get up for, it’s easy to sleep late, or snack more than usual. Make sure your summer days have some structure — like getting up at the same time each day and eating meals at set times. Plan activities for specific times, like exercising before breakfast, for example.

3. Stay busy. When we’re bored, it’s easy to fall into a trap of doing nothing and then feeling low on energy. Filling your days with stuff to do can give you a sense of accomplishment. Limit your screen time — including TV, computer, and video games — to no more than 2 hours a day.

4. Beat the heat. Don’t let summer heat put your exercise plans on hold. Move your workout indoors. If a gym isn’t your thing, try bowling or an indoor climbing wall. If you love being outdoors, try going to a local pool or move a soccer or basketball game to early morning or evening.

5. Think about what you eat. Summer means picnics and barbecues — activities that revolve around an unlimited spread of food. Don’t overload your plate. Avoid going back for seconds and thirds. Choose seasonal, healthy foods like fresh fruit instead of high-sugar, high-fat desserts. Make catching up with family and friends your focus, not the food. Another tip for summer eating is to limit frozen treats like ice cream to no more than once a week.

Hopefully with these easy tips for your kids, and a little encouragement, they will enjoy staying focused and active this summer — like true Olympic champions!

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