Establish a Consistent, Soothing Bedtime Routine for Your Kids

Getting plenty of sleep should be part of every child’s routine, especially now that school is back in! Sleep is especially important for growing children as it directly impacts mental and physical development.

Check out these quick tips to help your littles ones sleep tight:

  • Keep a consistent bedtime and soothing routine for getting to bed.
  • Make sure your child has everything he or she needs to get a good night’s sleep, including: a place to sleep with comfortable temperature, ventilation, and a nightlight if age appropriate.
  • Turn off the TV, video games and computer at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • To help your child unwind, a bath, warm drink or story time can help.
  • Praise your child for staying in bed.
  • Don’t return to your child’s room every time he or she complains or calls out. Instead, wait several seconds before answering and make your response time longer each time he/she calls. Reassure your child that you are there, and that it’s time to go to sleep.
  • Helping your child develop good sleep habits can take time. Be patient and understanding.

Check out additional tips on creating consistent and soothing bedtime routines.

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