The Evolution of Patient- and Family-Centered Care at CHOC

With the Family Resource Center, Turtle Talk and all things in between, CHOC Children’s has a lot of amenities that help make a hospital stay easier for patients and their families. This is because CHOC is steadfastly committed to patient- and family-centered care.

This means that patients and families feel that they are an integral part of the care they receive at CHOC — and that they have tools, resources and amenities to feel comfortable, happy and at home while at the hospital.

Since it opened its doors in 1964, CHOC has strived to ensure patients and families enjoyed their time there as much as possible, but much has changed on this front in the last 50 years. In this video, CHOC’s first patient, Ken Spicer, recalls how he passed the time while he was in the hospital, and marvels at the hospital’s current amenities.


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