Fifty Weeks of Thanks

standingchocoAlmost 50 years ago, the good doctors, nurses and staff at CHOC Children’s took good care of me after an unfortunate tree-falling incident.

I remember like it was yesterday: Like all bears love to do, I was climbing my favorite neighborhood tree. I kept going higher and higher so that I could admire the beautiful view of Orange County. All of a sudden, the tree branch snapped, and I tumbled down to the ground.

I bruised my pride (bears are supposed to be nimble!), but I really hurt my arm. I was scared until I remembered CHOC was right nearby. The doctors there fixed me right up, and I’ve been a CHOC fan ever since. My future is bright because of CHOC!

So, as the golden anniversary of my first CHOC visit nears – it’s Oct. 5, 2014, to be exact – I’m on a mission. I want to thank the hospital for everything it’s done for me and so many others since Orange County’s only children’s hospital opened its doors.

For the next 50 weeks, I’m going shout from the treetops (I’ll be careful this time) about how thankful I am for CHOC. I’ll be visiting with some of the hospital’s physicians, nurses and staff; sharing the stories of inspiring former CHOC patients; and having a whole lot of fun.

Do you want to help me? Given how many children CHOC has helped since it opened in 1964, it’s hard to find someone in Orange County who hasn’t been affected by the hospital’s expertise.

You can follow my gratitude tour and see all my posts here on the blog, and also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Thank CHOC and tell us how it made your future bright by using the hashtag #thxCHOC.

Choco Bear

8 thoughts on “Fifty Weeks of Thanks”

  1. In January 2011 my daughter, Avery, had her first visit to CHOC’s cancer clinic with Dr. Shen. Avery had just finished 6 weeks of radiation treatment as part of a clinical trial at NIH. She had to come to CHOC for check-ups in between our trips to NIH. In March we found out that the clinical trial wasn’t working and we came home to CHOC for treatment. Sadly Avery lost her battle May 24, 2011, but I cannot thank her care team enough for the care they gave her. From the moment we walked in to the clinic I knew how special CHOC and it’s staff was. Everyone there always took the time to talk to Avery and see how she was doing. So from the bottom of my heart I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone at CHOC for what you do, specially Avery’s care team (I apologize for not remembering some last names): Dr. Violet Shen, Julene Shneck, Jody (nurse practitioner), Lulu, Kristin (Social Worker), Dr. Di Pinto, and Jaime (phlebotomist).

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Kelly. Avery fought a brave battle, and it was our honor to support her.

  2. Simply put, without CHOC my little girl would not have lived past her birth! You have saved her live multiple times, provided long term care and therapy, all with friendly and caring staff. It is truly an AMAZING opportunity to have experienced this level of care and medical services! We are forever grateful, Martinez Family

  3. I am very thankful to ChOC also. We had to bring my son Jonah for his first 2 years of life to make aure he was growing and developing properly due to being born premature. I have never been treated so well by a hospital in my life. They made Jonah feek comfortable and not scared. The doctors and nurses were very kind and supportive, not to mention how easy it was to check in. Thankfully Jonah is in great health and growing and developing how he should be. Thank you once again CHOC!

  4. My husband Ken and I are forever thankful to the NICU staff at CHOC Orange!! Without the expert care, love, and dedication from the many nurses, doctors, and therapists there our son would not have survived being born at 28 weeks at 2lbs. 10oz. We are so blessed to have a healthy, lacrosse playing son who just celebrated his 13th birthday! !! Thank you CHOC!!

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