Fun and Inexpensive Activities for Teens

Everyone is looking for ways to save these days – including your teens! The recent hike in gas prices doesn’t help, either. While there are many belt-tightening steps that you can take as a family, here are a few entertainment ideas for your teens. These creative activities for the weekend can help their wallets – and yours too!

  • Start your own ghost tour. Halloween is coming! Check out the creepiest houses in your area and take friends on “haunted house” tours so you can all make up stories about what might have happened there. If you live in a historic town you may be able to research town history and discover enough interesting stories to put together a real tour.
  • Have a karaoke party. The worse the singing, the better the fun.
  • Borrow a teach-yourself book or CD from the library – on many topics! Learn a new language, or how to make  inexpensive holiday gifts. You may find a lot of do-it-yourself tips online too.
  • Redecorate your room without spending a dime. Use only stuff you have around the house or found items like shells or old furniture. Discover new uses for old things, like making pillows and lampshades out of old dresses.
  • Design your own clothes or jewelry. Check out thrift stores for clothing you can cut up and customize, or use found items to make jewelry.
  • Plan a surprise picnic for your friends. Do the whole blanket and picnic basket bit, then find a park or beach and take in the view.
  • Cook dinner for your loved ones. Find a fun and easy recipe and cook for your family or friends. They will appreciate it for sure!
  • Host a movie night. Select your favorite movie and invite your friends over. For a fun alternative, you may want to contact your local library, which often loans out movie projectors and movies for free. Have everyone bring their favorite treat and popcorn to share. Enjoy!

Check out these additional tips to talk to your kids about money issues.

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