Happy Visiting this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time for visiting loved ones.  Holiday parties or family gatherings make this time of year so special, but often require bringing young children to unfamiliar territory.  CHOC pediatricians encourage parents to follow these simple tips to help ensure holiday visits don’t land children in harm’s way.

• Whether you’re the hostess or the guest, clean up after a holiday party.  A curious toddler could rise early and choke on leftover food or come in contact with alcohol or tobacco.

• Remember that the homes you visit may not be childproofed.  Keep an eye out for danger spots.

• Keep guests’ purses out of the reach of children. 

• Keep a list of important phone numbers, including your child’s pediatrician, for you or a baby sitter in case of an emergency.  Include local police and fire authorities and the national Poison Help Line 1-800-222-1222.  Laminating the list will prevent it from being torn or damaged.

• Traveling, getting presents, visiting friends, etc. can increase your child’s stress levels.  Trying to stick to your child’s usual routine, especially sleep schedules and timing of napes, can help you and your little one enjoy the holidays and reduce stress.

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