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Health Feature: Kids and Bedwetting

Bed Wetting Articile

Staying Dry: Kids and Bedwetting

Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) can frustrate parents and children who often feel embarrassed and anxious about this problem and suffer from low self-esteem. Bedwetting occurs more frequently in boys than in girls and Dr. Khoury says the problem typically stops once the child is motivated and ready to work on staying dry at night. “It’s not the kid’s being lazy or irresponsible” says Dr. Khoury. “It’s not a reflection of the child’s intelligence, and in fact, a majority of children with bedwetting say math is their favorite subject at school.”

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Bedwetting - Dr. Tony Khoury

In this segment from American Health Journal, Dr. Tony Khoury, Chief of Pediatric Urology at CHOC Children's, offers parents solutions for their children's bedwetting problems.