Heart Imaging Goes 3-D

And no special 3-D glasses are required. Magnetic resonance (MR) angiography gives our CHOC pediatric cardiac specialists an unprecedented, crystal-clear view into our patients’ hearts and surrounding blood vessels.

If a single picture is worth a thousand words, consider the value of a complete 3-D reconstruction of the heart and the major blood vessels that may be viewed from any angle. These images may also be magnified, flipped, rotated, color-enhanced and even animated into a movie, showing every precise detail in motion.

In children with complex, congenital heart disease, no two hearts are alike. MR angiography has become an indispensable diagnostic tool, providing unparalled views into the deepest abnormal, anatomic structures within a child’s heart. And best of all, this procedure is noninvasive and free of radiation. It is better tolerated by patients than diagnostic cardiac catheterization and does not usually require sedation or anesthesia.

Pierangelo Renella, M.D., CHOC Pediatric Cardiologist

“When standard imaging is not enough, MR angiography offers a way to obtain critical information needed to make complex cardiac diagnoses,” says Pierangelo Renella, M.D., pediatric cardiologist and advanced cardiac imaging specialist at CHOC Children’s. This technology helps surgeons plan safer and more effective procedures, and can be used to follow patients over time as it provides details for making decisions about medication and possible future surgeries.”

“State of the Art” is Our Standard of Care

Pictured is a 3-D volume rendered MR angiogram of the major blood vessels of the chest and abdomen.

The CHOC Children’s Heart Institute is the only center in Orange County providing pediatric MR angiography. Our hospital has two magnetic resonance imaging systems, featuring 1.5 and 3 power Tesla magnets — the strongest magnets available for MR magnetic resonance imaging. Just two more reasons why when it comes to caring for infants, children and adolescents with complex, congenital heart conditions — there’s no place like CHOC.

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