Heart Problems – What Parents Should Know

Did you know that at least nine of every 1,000 infants born a year have a heart defect, according to the American Heart Association? While some heart diseases are congenital (existing at birth) others are acquired (which can develop during childhood).

In recognition of American Heart Month, CHOC Children’s encourages parents and caregivers to learn about the symptoms associated with some of these heart conditions. Certain symptoms can suggest that your child or teen has a heart problem that needs a doctor’s attention. This is especially true if symptoms occur during sports or other activities.

Talk with your doctor if your child experiences any of the mentioned symptoms. Keep in mind that these signs do not necessarily mean that your child has a heart problem. For example, a child who faints during sports may have low blood sugar or other temporary problems. A doctor can help find the cause.

Click here to learn more about the heart conditions, symptoms and treatment options, treated by experts at the CHOC Children’s Heart Institute.

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