Help Your Kids Stay Active This Summer

Summer. Time for camp, water parks…and weight gain? A recent study suggests that for the youngest students, summer months may be worse than the school year when it comes to packing on extra pounds.

Just like adults, kids need to balance the calories they eat with the calories they burn to prevent extra pounds. That means healthy eating and an hour of physical activity on all or most days of the week. To get you and your family started, check out these healthy summer tips:
• Plan active vacations. Take a trip to the mountains and hike. Or, bike around your neighborhood.
• Limit TV time to two hours a day or less. Encourage your kids to go outside and play.
• If they’re interested, sign your kids up for a summer sports league.
• Cut out snacks with little nutritional value, like potato chips. Offer whole-grain crackers, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.
• Limit soda and sugary fruit drinks, and offer your family skim milk or water instead.

For more tips, check out Kids Health magazine on

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