Helpful Tips for Promoting Cardiovascular Health

Just in time for American Heart Month (February), CHOC Children’s Clinical Dietitian Joanne DeMarchi offers helpful tips to CHOC Radio listeners for promoting cardiovascular health. She stresses the importance of evaluating the family’s entire diet to ensure a wide variety of foods, especially fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

While consumers should avoid or limit saturated fats and trans fat, they should consider healthy fats. Joanne says monounsaturated fats and Omega- 3 fatty acids play a role in a healthy diet. People can boast their Omega-3 fatty acid intake by eating fish twice a week.

To learn more, including what Joanne considers the best way to establish healthier habits for the family and how she suggests shopping in the grocery store, listen to the podcast.

CHOC’s Clinical Nutrition and Lactation Services provides nutrition services for patients of all ages according to medical need. These services include screening and assessment of nutritional needs, recommendations for infant formula or tube feeding products, management of patients receiving parenteral nutrition, nutrition education and diet instructions, and consultation to health care providers during multidisciplinary rounds.

Enjoy the show!

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