Homework Help for Parents

It’s a given that some children will always hate doing homework no matter what parents say or do. But these suggestions should help with the battle between study and TV.

• Establish a nonnegotiable, daily homework time. A child should read or work on a personal project on days no homework is assigned.
• Establish a quiet place for study that works best for your child. Some children do as well on the living-room floor as they do at a desk in the bedroom.
• Ask about assignments and whether your child understands them. Help if necessary, but don’t do the work.
• Always show interest in your child’s education. Don’t ask, “How was school?” You’re likely to get little more than “OK.” Instead, ask about the day’s math lesson or problems on a dreaded test. Know the books being read, the papers being written, and the projects being assigned.  (Back-to-school night is a great opportunity for you to ask your child’s teacher about expectations for homework – what kind of work, how much time should be devoted a week, etc.)

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