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The Importance of a Pediatric Surgeon

Children are not just “little adults” and when possible, should be treated by a physician who is specially trained in pediatrics. Their physiology is different, and since they’re still developing, their organs are not always in exactly the same location. In this episode of CHOC Radio, Dr. David Gibbs, a pediatric surgeon and the director of trauma services at CHOC, discusses:

Hear more from Dr. Gibbs in this podcast:

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2 thoughts on “The Importance of a Pediatric Surgeon”

  1. I do like that the podcast here does address a lot of issues parents have to look at when they’re child needs surgery. In particular, I like that it emphasizes the importance of choosing a surgeon that specializes in pediatrics. After all, children’s bodies are not fully developed like an adult’s so special consideration has to be taken when operating on them.

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