Keep Kids Safe on Playgrounds

Spring is here, calling kids to local parks and playgrounds. While offering a ton of fun, playgrounds are often the setting for unintentional childhood injuries, particularly during the warmer months. Falls and strangulation account for the majority of injuries.  Follow these simple tips for a fun play date with your little ones!

  • Always maintain both eye and voice contact whenever your child is using playground equipment.
  • Check out the playground in advance for hazards such as rusted or broken equipment and dangerous surfaces.
  • Avoid playgrounds with asphalt, concrete, grass or soil surfaces underneath the equipment. Look for shredded rubber, hardwood fiber mulch or chips, or fine sand. The surface should be at least 12 inches deep and extend a minimum of six feet in all directions around the equipment.
  • Always remove hood and neck drawstrings from your child’s outerwear to avoid the possibility of strangulation.
  • Never allow your child to wear a bike helmet, necklace, backpack, purse, or scarf while using playground equipment.
  • Do not allow pushing, shoving, crowding and inappropriate use of equipment.
  • If your child is hyperactive, avoid overly crowded parks or playgrounds.
  • Bring along an emergency kit that includes special medications or supplies your child may need.
  • Make sure to practice sun safety to avoid nasty sunburns!

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