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Keeping Kids Safe Around Water

It’s usually a lapse in supervision that results in drownings – not a lack of supervision, a CHOC community educator tells CHOC Radio.

In this podcast, Amy Frias explains that grownups need to designate one person as a “water watcher” while children are swimming, and make changes in water watcher shifts clear.

In this podcast, Amy also discusses several other aspects of water safety:

  • Physical barriers around bodies of water
  • Floatation devices and pool toys
  • What drowning looks like

Learn more about the Kohl’s Water Safety and Education Program and download printable tip sheets with information to help keep children safe in the water.

Families can call the CHOC community education department at 714-509-8887 to request a “water watcher” tag that can be worn as a necklace to clearly identify who is responsible for watching swimmers.

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