Kids Health eNewsletter Archive

Kids Health is published monthly and contains “healthful” information from the experts at CHOC Children’s.


  • May 2021
    Help end the stigma around mental illness | Learn how Disney stories are enhancing CHOC magic | ADHD Q & A Plus, learn about a tonsillectomy technique with an easier recovery.
  • April 2021
    Get answers to common questions about teens & the COVID-19 vaccine | Helping kids cope with mass violence | A day supporting children with autism Plus, learn why sports physicals are so important before getting back into the game.
  • March 2021
    Learn 11 new things about child life | Seamless primary & specialty care | How to personalize your plate. Plus, meet Matthew, who beat COVID-19 and MIS-C.
  • February 2021
    Celebrate Heart Month with these CHOC heart warriors. Plus, get a sneak peek into a day in the life of CHOC’s safety officer, and meet a family giving back to others at CHOC.
  • January 2021
    Mental health tips from CHOC | How to cope with political stress | A dietitian talks fiber. Plus, meet two Small Baby Unit graduates, who were born at just 24 weeks, 3 days.


  • December 2020
    The latest holiday safety tips during COVID | Learn how to support kids’ disappointment with COVID cancellations. Plus, 5 ways to support CHOC this holiday season including our toy drive, virtual events, shopping for a cause and more.
  • November 2020
    Ways to celebrate Thanksgiving safely amid COVID-19. Plus, why your flu shot is more important than ever this year, and ways to give back this holiday season.
  • October 2020
    Tips on Halloween safety & talking to kids about politics. Plus, meet two amazing physicians new to the CHOC family, our Pediatrician-in-Chief and our medical director of neurosurgery.
  • September 2020
    Watch a hero’s send-off for a COVID-19 survivor. Plus, tips for transitioning back to school | How you can help end the stigma of mental health | CHOC Walk is going virtual
  • August 2020
    Learn why well-checks are more important than ever during COVID-19. Plus, say hello to the new Choco | Tips for students with autism | How cultural stigma can be a barrier to mental health treatment
  • July 2020
    Learn more about telehealth for mental health. Plus, A pediatrician’s summer safety tips | CHOC named a best children’s hospital | How to talk to kids about racism | How a pediatrician is coping with COVID-19
  • June 2020
    Support your child’s physical and mental health with these tips. Plus, CHOC named a best children’s hospital | How to talk to kids about racism | How a pediatrician is coping with COVID-19
  • May 2020
    Learn more about COVID-19 and your kids. Plus, why vaccines and well-checks are more important than ever, and ways you can support CHOC during this time.
  • April 2020
    Learn more about COVID-19 and your kids. Plus, tips on accessing care, dealing with stress, protecting your family, and ways to give back during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • March 2020
    CHOC Children’s is here to answer your common COVID-19 questions. Plus, CHOC experts answer parents’ most common COVID-19 questions, including how to help kids cope with anxiety.
  • February 2020
    Meet 1-year-old Quinn, who’s enjoying life at home thanks to a new program. Plus, get tickets to CHOC Day at Honda Center on March 15.
  • January 2020
    See what’s new at CHOC Children’s including a look inside the newly opened Thompson Autism Center at CHOC Children’s and three recent gifts.


  • December 2019
    Meet Tavik, age 1, who is thriving after surgery at CHOC Children’s | Plus, several ways to support CHOC this holiday season.
  • November 2019
    One family, two NICU stays | How to support CHOC this holiday season. Plus, a doctor’s tips for proper handwashing to help your family avoid getting sick this winter.
  • October 2019
    A surprising heart defect found in utero | Support CHOC this season with Kids Cards. Plus, check out these trick-or-treating safety tips and a Choco Bear pumpkin carving template.
  • September 2019
    Brodie beat brain cancer, then he gave back | CHOC goes orange for World Patient Safety Day. Plus, check out our upcoming fundraising events to find more ways to support CHOC this season.
  • August 2019
    Thank you CHOC Walkers | Back-to-school tips from CHOC experts. Plus, meet Trinity — an inspiring 10-year-old CHOC patient who loves to sing and perform.
  • July 2019
    Meet Mackenzie, a brave 6-year-old living with arthritis. Plus, behind-the-scenes footage of our recent 18th annual CHOC Children’s Oncology Patient Ball.
  • June 2019
    CHOC named among nation’s best children’s hospitals | A doctor’s advice on sleep
  • May 2019
    A day in the life of a mental health nurse | How to cope with depression | Register for CHOC Walk in the Park
  • April 2019
    A day in the life of a child life specialist | HPV vaccine myth busters | Why one uncle supports CHOC
  • March 2019
    Get screen time tips from a CHOC Doc | Meet Olivia and her music therapist | Get career advice from CHOC leaders
  • February 2019
    Celebrate Heart Month | Get a doctor’s pre-playdate questions | Buy tickets for CHOC Night this Sunday
  • January 2019
    Get healthy recipe ideas | 5 tips to treat eczema | CHOC needs blood donors


  • December 2018
    Home for the Holidays | Spread Joy to CHOC Patients | Latest on Cough and Cold Meds
  • November 2018
    6 Ways to Avoid the Flu | 7 Tips for Better Sleep | Credit Union for Kids’ Partners Pledge $5M to CHOC
  • October 2018
    14 Flu Myths | 6 Ways to Skip Trans Fats | Vote Yes on Prop 4
  • September 2018
    Vote for a CHOC nurse on tonight’s America’s Got Talent finale
  • August 2018
    Meet the CHOC Walk Team Honoring Their Son | Cheer on a CHOC Nurse on America’s Got Talent
  • July 2018
    U.S. News Ranks CHOC Among the Best | CHOC Doc Becomes CHOC Mom | Why a Disneyland Resort Cast Member Joined the CHOC Walk
  • June 2018
    Meet Miracle Maddy | Hospital Visit Rates Rise for Suicide Thoughts | Tips for Finding the Right Psychologist | Snakebites First Aid
  • May 2018
    What I Learned Becoming a Nurse | Breast Milk Safety | Asthma Tips
  • April 2018
    Mental Health Inpatient Center | Remembering Dr. Anas | What to Know About a Gluten-Free Diet
  • March 2018
    Footloose Follies | Manage Asthma Year-Round | Meet Dr. Nita Doshi | CHOC Doctors Become Family
  • February 2018
    Catching Marco’s heart defect in utero | Ask a CHOC Doc | Save the date for CHOC Walk 2018
  • January 2018
    Should My Kids Get the Flu Shot? | Signs of Pneumonia | Fever Tips | Second Hand Smoke Dangers


  • December 2017
    Michelle’s journey from devastating diagnosis to thriving 1-year-old | Easy ways to support CHOC Children’s this holiday season
  • November 2017
    Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas | What CHOC Children’s is Thankful for This Year
  • October 2017
    Halloween Safety Tips | Layla Thrives in CHOC’s Feeding Program | Kids Cards on Sale
  • September 2017
    Sydney’s Cancer Journey | Getting Beyond the One Word Answer | Thank you CHOC Walkers
  • August 2017
    CHOC Walk is August 27 | Katie Reunites Her Heroes | Jordan’s Unexpected Case of Appendicitis
  • July 2017
    CHOC Ranked Among Best Children’s Hospitals | All-Private-Room NICU Opens
  • June 2017
    Eating Disorders & Children | Mindfulness Tips | Healthy Summer
  • May 2017
    Cancer Patient Turned Caregiver | Vaccine FAQ | Surgery at CHOC | Nurse Follows in Mom’s Footsteps
  • April 2017
    A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Surgeon | Hospital Exec Becomes CHOC Volunteer | Cold, Sinus Infection or Allergies | Medicine Cabinet Essentials
  • March 2017
    CHOC Celebrates Child Life Week | Patients Say the Darndest Things | Meet the CHOC Follies Cast | RSV Changed the Way this Mom Parents
  • February 2017
    Electrophysiology Advances | Heart Facts | Ear Tubes | Pediatric Mental Health
  • January 2017
    Child life receives $5 million gift | Become a blood donor | New car seat laws | 2016 in review


  • December 2016
    CHOC Named One of the Safest Hospitals in the Nation
  • November 2016
    CHOC Children’s Gives Thanks
  • October 2016
    CHOC Walk in the Park: Meet Team Timmaree
  • September 2016
    Oncology Patient Returns to CHOC as Oncology Nurse
  • August 2016
    Healthy Eating Tips for School
  • July 2016
    New Vaccination Law: What it Means for Your Family
  • June 2016
    U.S. News Names CHOC One of the Nation’s Best Children’s Hospitals
  • May 2016
    CHOC’s Mental Health Initiative Making Tremendous Progress
  • April 2016
    Music to a Little Girl’s Ears
  • March 2016
    CHOC Expands Pediatric Surgery Team, Expertise
  • February 2016
    Choosing Your Child’s Heart Programs
  • January 2016
    CHOC Children’s Expands Orthopaedic Services


  • December 2015
    New Laser Treats Children with Vascular Anomalies
  • November 2015
    CHOC’s Small Baby Unit Improves Quality and Outcomes in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants
  • October 2015
    Will Your Newborn Need Surgery? Plan Now
  • September 2015
    Time to Re-Think the “All-Nighter”
  • August 2015
    Marijuana Edible Use Increasing Among Youth
  • July 2015
    iRounding For Real-Time Results
  • June 2015
    Heads-Up on Teens and Pedestrian Safety
  • May 2015
    CHOC Children’s Announces Plans to Address Pediatric Mental Health Crisis
  • April 2015
    Innovative Care for Newborn Jaw Deformities
  • March 2015
    A Palatable Solution For Feeding Disorders
  • February 2015
    CHOC Pharmacy’s Med-to-Bed – One Less Thing Before You Go
  • January 2015
    Measles Outbreak – What You Need to Know


  • December 2014
    World’s First “Infusionarium” Comes to CHOC Children’s
  • November 2014
    CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital Opens State-of-the-Art Sleep Center
  • October 2014
    Bringing Together the Best Minds in Pediatric Cancer Care
  • September 2014
    It’s All About Comfort in CHOC’s Fully Integrated Operating Rooms
  • August 2014
    Heat Stroke in the Car is Preventable
  • July 2014
    Urinary Tract Infections: Fact or Fiction?
  • June 2014
    Hernias in Children: What Parents Should Know
  • May 2014
    Five Arthritis Myths Busted
  • April 2014
    Teens and Social Media Safety: Tips for Parents
  • March 2014
    Health Workers on Alert for Measles
  • February 2014
    New Process Leads to Safer Breast Milk Handling
  • January 2014
    5 Dangers of Supplements for Children


  • December 2013
    Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season
  • November 2013
    Autism Resources Grow to Meet the Needs of OC Children
  • October 2013
    Small Baby Unit Outcomes: Big Improvements for the Littlest Patients
  • September 2013
    New Webcam System Connects Parents with Babies in the NICU
  • August 2013
    Use of Cigarette-Like Devices Growing Among Teens
  • July 2013
    Have a Safe Summer!
  • June 2013
    Synthetic Drug Popular Among Teens – What Parents Should Know
  • May 2013
    Protect Your Kids’ Kidneys and Bladder This Summer With Lots of H20