Laboratory Services: Then and Now

Fifty years later, I still remember getting that poke when I had blood drawn at CHOC Children’s after falling from myCHOC_Lab_Services favorite tree!

Luckily, the experience now is much better, more pleasant and faster for CHOC patients than it was in 1964.

CHOC’s Laboratory Services is one of the only dedicated pediatric labs in Southern California, staffed by the most compassionate phlebotomists.

Not only are they skilled in drawing blood, but they also understand child – and bear – behavior, and know just what to do to make the experience better.

Magic tricks, cartoons and local anesthetics are among the tools used at CHOC to help make drawing blood easier on children – and their parents. At CHOC, the goal is one visit, one poke for each patient seen in Laboratory Services.

And once blood is drawn, CHOC prides itself on speedy processing times, thanks to expert staff and the latest technology and equipment inside the 20,000-square-foot lab. Physicians connected to the facility’s computer network can often get routine results within 60 minutes.


CHOC Children’s Laboratory Services is one of the only dedicated pediatric labs in Southern California. The 20,000 square foot lab is dedicated to offering the most compassionate blood draw experience possible while providing physicians with quick, accurate results and around-the-clock service for our inpatients and children visiting the Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department.


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