Make Some Memorial Day Memories at the Park

The holiday weekend is a great excuse to hit the park for some family fun.  Get the kids away from the TVs, computers and video games for a few hours, and enjoy some outdoor activity together as a family.

• Pack a blanket and a cooler for a picnic in the park.
• If there’s a slight wind, bring some kites along.
• Gather the children and the adults for a big game of kick ball.
• Don’t forget the “oldies but goodies” – Red Light/Green Light, Simon Says, and Freeze Tag.
• Little ones love to collect rocks, leaves and flowers.  Channel that curiosity into a scavenger hunt – supervised, of course!
• And, don’t forget to protect your family’s skin with sunscreen!

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Fortunately, a trip to the park doesn’t require too much prep work, and helps promote physical fitness and family fun!  Even an hour at your local park creates memories for your kids that will last a lifetime.

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