Meet CHOC’s first patient, Ken Spicer

Of all the people I’ve met since I first visited CHOC Children’s almost 50 years ago, Ken Spicer is one of my favorites. After all, he is CHOC’s very first patient!

Ken and I go way back: He was first admitted to CHOC on Oct. 5, 1964 at age 12 because of a birth defect in his legs, and he remains a steadfast advocate CHOC almost 50 years later. Best of all, he and I are still friends.

In this video, Ken reflects on his experience at CHOC and how his time at Orange County’s only children’s hospital helped him build a bright future.

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2 thoughts on “Meet CHOC’s first patient, Ken Spicer”

  1. Choc hospital is amazing. I had AML leukemia when I was four years old. They told my family I would not make it to see my 18th bday or graduate high school. Here I am 22 years later in remission and going to college. They are an amazing hospital that when I have kids that’s where I will take them. Keep up the great work.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for your sharing your story, Dennyelle! It was our privilege to care for you — and your future children!

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