minimizing scarring after surgery

Tips for Minimizing Scarring After Surgery

A child’s skin is much different than an adult’s skin, and has the potential to react to scarring much different than the way their parents’ might. In this episode of CHOC Radio, Dr. David Gibbs, a pediatric surgeon and the director of trauma services at CHOC, discusses tips for minimizing scarring after surgery, including:

  • Which children are more predisposed to scarring
  • What pediatric surgeons at CHOC do during surgery to help minimize scarring
  • What parents can do in the year after surgery to help mitigate scarring
  • Other advice for parents whose child is preparing for surgery

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Minimizing Scarring After Surgery”

  1. I can see why you would want to treat your child’s skin differently after surgery. Our son is very sick and could use some special care. I’m hoping that the surgery could help him to feel better.

  2. I loved when you talked about how you can minimize scarring after a surgery for your child is to choose the best part of the body where scars can be hidden under body lines and such. It makes sense that taking the time to understand where a surgical wound can best heal can help you have minimal scarring. My son needs to have a surgery in his stomach and the surgeon was talking about the different procedures they could so, so I’m glad I found your page and will make sure to talk to the doctor about scaring.

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