Must-Know Home Safety Tips During Cold Weather

Overnight temperatures in some areas of Orange County have dipped below 40° this week. Orange County Health Care Agency officials are urging residents to take the following safety precautions when heating their homes:

  • Residents are cautioned against using their kitchen range or oven to heat their homes. Home furnaces and heaters should be inspected periodically, with needed repairs performed by a qualified and licensed heating or plumbing contractor.
  • When using space heaters, make sure there is nothing within three feet of the heater that could catch on fire, such as bedding, drapes or furniture. Never cover your space heater and never leave children unattended near a space heater.
  • In the event that electric power is lost during a storm, never use a gasoline powered generator indoors, in a garage or near doors or windows where air may enter a home due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • To stay warm while outdoors, remember to wear several layers of clothing with an outer layer that is waterproof. With many areas reaching near freezing temperatures, area residents are also reminded to consider the needs of their pets for warm, dry shelter from the cold.

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