National Children’s Study Underway in Orange County

University of California, Irvine, in partnership with CHOC Children’s, the Children and Families Commission of Orange County and the Orange County Health Care Agency, was selected to conduct the National Children’s Study – the largest and most comprehensive long-term study of environmental effects on child development and health.

Since last October, more than 20 babies have been born into Orange County families recruited to participate in the National Children’s Study, which will follow more than 100,000 U.S. children from birth to age 21.

CHOC researchers expect to attend 250 births a year for the next five years, said Brent Dethlefs, director of the CHOC Research Institute. Biological samples will be collected for the duration of the study.

Researchers will also assess environmental factors to examine the effect on birth defects and pregnancy-related problems; behavior, learning and mental health disorders; asthma, obesity, among others. The study is expected to help form the basis of child health guidance, interventions and policy for generations to come.

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