Now Cancer Has Nowhere To Hide


The latest super weapon in the fight against cancer, genomic medicine, literally leaves cancer no place to hide. this cutting-edge technology analyzes and develops individual tumor profiles for patients whose cancer has returned.  Oncologists may use this additional genomic data to identify existing treatments or develop new ones.

Last year, Hyundai, and its nonprofit organization, Hope On Wheels,® contributed $10 million toward pediatric cancer research, naming the Hyundai cancer institute at CHOC children’s.  That unprecedented corporate gift let our experts take the search for cancer cures down to the molecular level.

“It took 13 years and $3 billion to sequence the first human genome, but the technology has become much faster and cost-effective in recent years,” said Dr. Sender.  “We have begun sequencing patients whose cancer has returned, giving oncologists remarkable insights into individual tumor profiles.”

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