Radiology: Then and Now

radiology_thenandnowWhen I came to CHOC after I fell out of a tree in 1964, I had to stay still for a whole 11 minutes so that doctors could take one picture of my arm to see if it was broken.

Now, CHOC’s radiology department has advanced technology that takes images in just seconds! Even better, today’s equipment uses as little as 2 percent of the radiation that it did 50 years ago.

Also, when I had my X-ray, doctors had to wait for the picture to be developed on film. Now that X-rays make digital pictures, doctors can see what’s wrong quickly.

Imaging studies are very important in diagnosing problems in children. Some kids – and bears, too – can’t vocalize their symptoms or pain like grownups, so an X-ray or scan can give children a voice.

The doctors and nurses took great care of me when I came in with my injury 50 years ago, but it is so impressive to see how the advancements in radiology has made scans and  X-rays faster, more accurate and safer for kids.


CHOC radiology department is the only imaging facility in Orange County just for children. It offers a wide range of imaging services using the most advanced imaging equipment available. In addition, its imaging machines are carefully calibrated to provide the highest quality images using the lowest doses of radiation possible.

Learn more about CHOC’s radiology department.

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