Rainy Day Activities for Kids

When the rain outside keeps the kids inside, parents’ patience can certainly be tested by bored children!  Try these activities to keep your kids entertained while “waiting out” cold, stormy weather.

• Play music and encourage your kids to exert their energy by dancing.  Let children take turns picking out the songs and leading the dance moves.
• Guide little adventurers on a treasure hunt around the house!  Hide a few items, draw a map and/or provide some clues, and see who wins.
• Engage in story telling.  Let your kids be the voices of the characters or act out the scenes, so they are active participants.
• Get crafty.  A paper bag and some crayons are all you need for a puppet – one that your child can use during story telling.
• Play “Simon Says” – but get Simon and the rest of his followers moving!
• Lights, Camera, Action.  Your kids could have a great time putting on a talent show or skit for you.  Make sure you bring out the video camera for this one!

A rainy day doesn’t have to lead to bored couch potatoes!  Hopefully these ideas will help bring a little “sunshine” to your day!

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