Remind Kids About the Spirit of Giving

The holiday season is in full swing at CHOC and all around us. This time of year is a great opportunity to instill the spirit of giving to your children. You can do fun, simple things with them that will remind them that it’s not all just about what Santa is going to bring them! Here’s a few tips to share with your family:

Recycle and Donate Toys
Have your children go through their toys and take out a few that they no longer use. Help your children pick out the toys that are still in good condition and put them in a box meant for giving. Locate an organization, church, or shelter that accepts toys and accompany them to take the toys themselves. Keep in mind that some organizations accept new toys only.

Make Holiday Cards or Gifts
Make holiday cards with your children. This can teach your children that the gift you’re giving doesn’t have to be expensive and that sometimes a simple, heartfelt greeting is what counts. Or, if you’re pressed for time, involve your kids in the selection process when you are purchasing pre-made cards.

Similarly, involve your kids in making homemade gifts or baked goods. Or, give them a budget and have them do a little shopping for family members, to teach them about budgeting.

Give to a Child
Here at CHOC, we see many remarkable stories every day of people giving to children in need. What better way to show your little ones the importance of giving, than to teach them to give to another child. Contact your organization of choice — some of them may be hosting toy or food drives, “giving trees,” or other fundraisers specifically for children or families in need. Check with the organization to see what’s the best way you and your kids can help.

There are many other ideas to help your kids get into the giving spirit. Some of these could even become family traditions that your kids will happily look back on. Explain to your kids that giving can also be something as simple as helping an elderly person load groceries into their car (with a parent nearby). Talk to your kids about people in need and ask them how their act of kindness made them feel. They are sure to come back with some touching answers!

Happy Holidays from the CHOC Children’s family to yours!

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