Research Leads to More Gratitude

As my 50-week gratitude tour for all things CHOC Children’s nears its end, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out how grateful I am for the research that happens at CHOC.Research

CHOC is committed to clinical research and understanding the mysteries behind childhood diseases. Because of this, CHOC patients have access to current treatment options but also benefit from the latest in research.

Research is occurring every day at CHOC, and new endeavors begin regularly. Just recently, CHOC opened a stem cell production facility that could one day lead to therapies for neurological diseases in children.

The Research Institute at CHOC Children’s operates two Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), which decide whether proposed research is ethical, that participant consent is sufficient, and that safeguards have been established for participants.

It’s so exciting that CHOC is a research hospital. Scientists’ work today will affect patients for years to come. I am grateful that CHOC has an opportunity to help children today and tomorrow.

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