The Role of Parents and Family in CHOC’s Emergency Department

The idea of being apart from a child in an emergency situation is troubling for most parents. But there’s no need to worry at the Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department (ED) at CHOC Children’s Hospital: Here, parents and siblings are encouraged to stay with their patient throughout treatment.

As a staunch advocate of family-centered care, CHOC Children’s believes that a child’s family plays a critical role in treatment and healing. We know that a parent’s presence is the best coping mechanism around.

Parents’ and guardian’s input and presence are highly valued – and it shows in the design of our ED: Exam rooms are larger to accommodate family members, siblings and their strollers, and each room has a television to help distract restless little ones.

However, there may be times that only parents will be allowed with the patient due to the urgency of care needs. In general, parents should use good judgment when bringing siblings to the Emergency Department. A visit can be a long process, and small children might grow inpatient. Further, parents must be able to focus on their ill child: They’ll receive a lot of information, and will be asked many questions by our staff. Rest assured, however, because along the way, parents, patients and siblings alike will receive guidance and support from ED staff.

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