Safety Tips to “Spook” Halloween Hazards Away

Protect your little ghosts and goblins this Halloween by following these safety tips offered by the injury prevention experts at CHOC Children’s.

  • Purchase costumes that are flame-resistant and fit securely on your child; make sure they can be seen and avoid any masks that obstruct your child’s view.
  • Never allow your young child to trick-or-treat without adult supervision.
  • While trick-or-treating, obey all traffic signs and signals, and never cross the street between cars or mid-block.  Be sure to carry a flashlight.
  • Carefully inspect your child’s stash of goodies.  Discard homemade treats and fruit, unless you know the person they came from.
  • Keep your home safe for trick-or-treaters by removing all obstacles from the entryway.

With these tips, CHOC hopes you and your little ones enjoy a safe Halloween this Saturday!

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