September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

While September marks back to school time, it also highlights another important topic affecting thousands of children every day, nationwide – cancer. This month recognizes Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, aimed at increasing awareness of this critical disease.

As Orange County’s only hospital exclusively committed to the health and well-being of pediatric and adolescent cancer patients, every service and program at CHOC Children’s is devoted to the unique needs of this population. This includes preparing patients for life after cancer as well.

Among one of the biggest issues cancer survivors often face, is fertility preservation. Oncofertility is a relatively new field that studies how cancer treatments affect fertility.

One new option for female patients is ovarian cryopreservation, where doctors remove and freeze one of the ovaries. In the future, the ovary may be re-implanted and then “jump-started” to begin producing eggs again – a procedure that has been successful in older women.

To read more about this cutting-edge study, which CHOC is excited to participate in as part of an ongoing research program with the national Oncofertility Consortium, please click here:

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