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Spiritual Care Available to CHOC Children’s Patients, Families

While CHOC Children’s is committed to providing the highest quality medical care to children, we recognize the importance of supporting the spiritual needs of our patients and their families as well.  The Spiritual Care team at CHOC is made up of chaplains and volunteers of various faith traditions that spiritually and emotionally support our patients and their families.

Norm Jeune, lead chaplain, regularly meets with patients and families to understand any spiritual practices or preferences that are important to them.

CHOC chaplains use different methods of spiritual and emotional support to assist each patient based on the particular family, and what is important to them during their time of need. Some families may find strength in traditional prayers from their religious practices, while others may find that mindfulness techniques, meditation, or simple discussion to release burdens is most helpful. Unique to pediatrics, families sometimes find comfort in ritual practices for their children, such as baby dedications, baptisms, First Communion, or Confirmation.

spiritual care
Norm Jeune, Lead Chaplain

“For a family to know that these milestones can still be shared in a hospital setting is very special to many parents and children,” says Jeune.

Recently, an increased focus on holiday offerings has meant that more patients and families have easy access to religious and cultural celebrations that are important to them while they’re in the hospital. In addition to weekly spiritual gatherings for Catholic, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths, patients can attend organized holiday observances throughout the year.

“In addition to celebrating religious holidays, observing cultural holidays such as cooking demonstrations or book readings, can serve as learning opportunities to patients and families,” says Jeune.

The Meditation & Prayer Room is another spiritual resource for CHOC families. Located on the second floor of the Bill Holmes Tower, it is a quiet and sacred place designed to accommodate people of all faith traditions.

Learn more about the spiritual care program at CHOC, including information on weekly services.


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